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There are days when I stare at the room I'm in. My bedroom, for example, is quite ordinary. Clothes are scattered on the bed and on the dresser next to it. A mirror stands at the entrance, and next to it is a large cabinet bought in a second-hand store. On the window hangs a white curtain that hides the street noises, and on cold winter days, a west wind announces its arrival. My feet stand on the cold floor, there are small cracks in the door frame, and a feeling of levitation begins to emerge in my body. My eyes scan the room and notice the objects are still in place, but something about their shapes is different; I cannot explain why. Noises filter in, and I'm getting distracted. A ray of light enters the room and sweeps my gaze toward it; Shadows shift and climb the wall. The shadow lines lead me with them, and a breeze comes in and tickles my hair. My eyes go back to looking at the objects in the room, and then I hit the realization. Something that was hidden has now been revealed.

I can not help but wonder whether it was really hidden, it was right in front of me all the time, but I didn't notice its existence.

As I wander through the city streets at night, everything seems to blur together in a random mosaic of shapes and colors. The buildings stretch endlessly upward, their walls blending together in an indistinguishable mass. I pass residential buildings after another, their windows staring back at me like many eyes. Each one is a reminder of the countless lives that exist beyond my own. But then, something caught my eye. A glimmer of light from a window, a hint of movement in the darkness. My tracks come to a halt when I find myself caught up in the mysterious beauty of those thoughts. The light seems to hold a secret, a hidden world beyond the mundane reality of city streets.

I recall the moment I stood in awe before the abandoned pines. The sheer magnitude of their steadfast presence filled me with a deep sense of reverence, wonder, and a calming sigh of relief. Even the bare pines, standing tall and proud, bore witness to the passage of time and the ebb and flow of the seasons. Their unwavering strength and resilience served as a powerful reminder to pursue my deepest desires, no matter what obstacles may lie ahead or in my head. Like the pines, I must stand tall and resolute too. I am growing, getting stronger and more capable with each passing moment.

As I stare at the window, I feel as though I am peering into another realm, a place where the ordinary is transformed into something extraordinary. The light reflections dance and shimmer, the colors blending together like an otherworldly painting. It is as though they are a portal, a gateway to a world beyond our own, a place where anything is possible.

With the assistance of light, I surrender to the charm of the antithesis between daydreaming and reality, allowing myself to be intoxicated by their interplay.

Today, the weight of monotony bears down on me, and everything - including myself - feels trapped in an endless cycle. Walking down the same street as yesterday, I am reminded that each day is a unique and unrepeatable gift. The streets ahead and I are not so different, except that they are made of concrete and I am made of soul. Our true identity lies within the soul, even if it is not always accurate. This construct allows us to discover patterns and meaning in the complexity of the world around us. But for the myopic, the world is an unsatisfying blur of disconnected shapes and lines, leading to an endless sense of emptiness.

I outline landscapes through my feelings. In the days ahead, I shall learn to bear my feelings with tender hands, letting them shape me like wet clay on a potter's wheel. Along this winding path of healing and self-discovery, the sky above will spread out like a canvas, a silent witness to my journey. And as I come to know the world and myself more intimately, the mysteries that once confounded me will gradually give way to clarity, illuminating the path forward with each step.

I look around and contemplate the intricate dance between the external world and our individual selves. Through communication, I am able to engage with this world and glean insights that broaden my perspectives and enrich my understanding. Whether through spoken words, written language, or the more subtle nuances of body language and expression, every interaction has the potential to transform me and deepen my connection to the world around me.

As we pause and peer through the veil of time, we uncover the treasures that lay hidden beneath the surface. Like a delicate flower blooming in the midst of a bustling city, these small and often unnoticed details hold the power to transform our world. They beckon us to look closer, to see beyond the ordinary, and embrace the extraordinary.

By viewing an ordinary moment through the lens of routine, one moment suddenly be revealed to the entire world of a person in a single moment.

There is a sound, which escorts me for years, the inner sound that only I can hear. One day it disappeared, leaving a void. I kept listening to the rustling of leaves and the whistling of the wind, but there was still an emptiness in the room, a flow in the air disrupted. For a long time, there was only silence. And then, one day, the sound returned, quietly and unexpectedly. I couldn't decide how I felt about it. My body thought differently and expressed what words could not.

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