Gal Shahar

I'm Gal Shahar.
I am an Israeli photographer who graduated from the Photography Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. My artistic work has been exhibited in numerous places, both locally and internationally. I perceive photography as a powerful medium for storytelling, allowing me to convey intricate narratives without using words. I derive inspiration from literature and incorporate hidden and enigmatic moments into my work to capture the viewer's imagination. In my artistic practice, I emphasize the role of light, clarity, and symmetry in composition. As a result, the photographs are visually appealing as well as uncluttered. My ultimate objective is to balance visual appeal with narrative depth, generating captivating stories that linger long.


2014: ART WORKS, Munich, Germany. 

2015-2017:The annual exhibition of Bank Hapoalim for the Aids Force, Tel - Aviv, Israel.

2018: Moment by 'fair - fair', Tel - Aviv, Israel. 

2018: Mobile by 'PH21 Gallery', Budapest, Hungary.

2020: New-City by 'fair - fair', Tel - Aviv, Israel. 

2021: Facade by 'The Holy Art', London, United Kingdom.

2021: The Art of Photography by 'PH21 Gallery' in collaboration with 'Valid World Hall Gallery', Barcelona, Spain.


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